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What are dental crowns and their possible uses?

What is dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap that encases a misshapen, broken, or chipped tooth to enhance its look and performance and restores the structure of the mouth. It provides strength to the tooth, makes it ready for any other dental procedure, and also protects it.

What are the different types of dental crowns?

First the dentist will cover your tooth with a temporary crown and a couple of weeks later, a permanent crown will be fixed after removing the temporary one. A temporary crown is made from the mold of the patient’s natural teeth. It could be made up of stainless steel, acrylic, resin, and zirconia.

Typically, on your second appointment, the dentist will start procedure with shaving your teeth so a properly shaped base is ready for the crown. This temporary crown is for a few weeks during which it will protect your tooth from any damage and make sure you can function normally.

On your second appointment, the permanent crown will be fitted. Permanent crowns are designed for comfort and durability and are made of material like ceramic, all resin, porcelain, and even metal for firm support. Permanent crowns are designed by dentists to suit your mouth and tooth. Once you are in the clinic, they will clean your teeth and mouth thoroughly before finally removing the temporary crown and fixing the permanent one with a strong adhesive. After the procedure is done you will be free to go with instructions and guidelines provided by your dentist.

What is its use?

There are several crucial uses of dental crowns :

Some helpful aftercare tips

While permanent crown have a long shelf life, taking care of them can increase its durability. So here are some tips :

Frequently Asked Questions

Crown can cost you anywhere from $800 to $1500 or even more depending on the material used for it and the size, severity and number of teeth to cover

It may cause tooth sensitivity. However, if it causes extreme discomfort and pressures your teeth while chewing, it’s best to speak with a doctor.

This depends a lot on the material used for the crown. Material such as porcelain and gold alloy can be worn even by people with allergies and underlying medical conditions. But then again, it is best that your dentist takes a call on what material to use and how safe will that be for your teeth.

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