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All about Teeth Whitening

What is tooth whitening?

Stained or discolored tooth is a common oral health issue in people among all age groups. Teeth are stained or discolored due to a variety of intrinsic factors like; medication intake, childhood illness, aging and extrinsic factors like; smoking habits, excessive intake of coffee, tea, red wine, food and beverages with dyes. Tooth whitening is an effective way of bleaching to get your bright, dazzling smile back. The procedure does not erode teeth enamel or inflict any other harm but it could help you get the natural color of your teeth back.

Why do you need your teeth whitened?

Actually, the question why would you need your teeth discolored, makes better sense! Like mentioned earlier, various extrinsic and intrinsic factors over a period of time alter the natural color of your teeth. Teeth whitening can save you from embarrassments at social gatherings and can also help you achieve the right shade, in line with your hair and skin color. Not just that, at times, tooth discoloration could be an indicator to a bigger oral health issue, it is important to keep the teeth in its natural color so even the slightest color change raises an alarm. If you leave your teeth uncleaned for a long time, there are chances of permanent pigmentation which can take a long time to be treated. This procedure can also kill bacteria on the surface of your teeth which reduces the possibilities of gum diseases and tooth decay. Not to mention, it enhances your appearance to a great extent, thereby, enhancing your self-confidence.
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What is its procedure?

Teeth whitening involve professional bleaching of your pearly whites. You will be under the supervision of your dentist and a team of experts who will guide you from the very beginning. During the procedure, a bleaching agent is applied on your teeth which ensure that your teeth are whitened. The longer it is kept, the whiter your teeth will get. However, keeping the bleaching agent longer can cause dehydration of the tooth and increase sensitivity.

But since you will be under the supervision of an expert chances of harm are less. The procedure takes three to four weeks approximately. In the first two to three appointments the dentist will analyze your mouth. Once the treatment starts you will need to comply with the doctors and continue the procedure at home, which requires applying the bleaching agent on your tooth for as long as your doctor recommends. Normally, by the fourth week, you teeth would have whitened or returned to its natural color.

Is it safe?

Today, various methods of teeth whitening are being administered on people. And as you may know, it is now being considered a beauty service rather than a health procedure. But it is always advisable to get this treatment done under the supervision of a doctor and not try to apply methods from YouTube videos or beauty handbooks. There is a strict step by step procedure involved in this treatment which only a health professional will be able to guide you through. They will also have a better knowledge about the kind and amount of product required for your tooth and will be there to ten to you in case of side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth whitening is not permanent. It can last up to three years at the most; it varies from person to person and their lifestyle. If you are a regular smoker or you drink red wine, coffee, tea frequently, chances are you will start seeing discoloration again.

Teeth whitening don’t work on dentures, crowns, fillings or veneers.

There is a chance of your teeth becoming more sensitive to hot or cold things after the procedure is done, more so, if you already suffer from sensitivity. There is also a chance of gum burns, especially, if you try to do it yourself at home with the help of a teeth whitening kit.

Trust your dentists, he knows and he will let you know if you do need it.

Again, go back to your doctor. It is possible that they might have thought that the current color is what suits you or they can consider your grievances and suggest another solution.

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